National News | Nov 07

Brian DeFrees – USA Roadtripping Extraordinaire

Update: Since this posting, Brian’s video has gone from 1,200 views to a whopping 500,000! Congratulations from Duty Free Canada, Brian!

Filmmaker, video editor or photographer Brian DeFrees recently returned from a 12,225 mile road trip around the United States. During his trip he summarized each day in photos using the iPhone apps “Picframe” and “Instagram”.

brian defrees at the grand canyon

Brian DeFrees over the Grand Canyon.

While travelling in his car, Brian took a photo on his Canon every 5 seconds with an intervalometer. When he parked for the night or explored an area on foot, he was still capturing photos constantly.

Here’s Brian’s most recent drivelapse video. You can see more of his work, including his Instagram documentary of his trip, at his site here.

The music featured is by @wakinglights.

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