Cool Chicks Go Duty Free

The results are in.  A “cool chick” has won the Duty Free Shopping Spree caption contest.

Congratulations to Kristen Duever from London, Ontario, the winner of the panel judge competition and the Facebook popular vote.

The woman in the photo depicts one of the 15% of respondents who described themselves as a “Cool chick” who “like discovering places where few have ventured” and who “go with the flow; whatever happens, happens.”  This was the highest percentage of respondents in a single category.

In fact, 61% of respondents described themselves as a “Cool chick.”  It would be pretty “cool” to enjoy a shopping spree at any of the Duty Free Canada land border locations, indeed.  15% described themselves as “uber-feminine,” while 5% said they were “Tough guys.”  48% of respondents said they “Go with the flow; Whatever happens, happens.”  However, only 2% out of the 5% that said they are “Tough guys” said this.  Perhaps ironically, few “Tough guys” (less than 1% of the total) said they “insist on getting the service [they] deserve.”

We will keep you posted with the latest in Duty Free news – along with Kristen’s shopping spree.  Don’t forget, you can visit a Duty Free store whenever you drive south across the border and save yourself a whole lot of tax and duty.

Thanks for participating.  We look forward to sharing more great deals with you soon!


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