Activities | Aug 31

Green Data Centers in New York?

In New York State, data transfer accounts for 3% of the state’s total power consumption.

To help make this usage more efficient, New York’s Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has partnered with Clarkson University, Advanced Micro Devices, HP and other private businesses to demonstrate how a network of wind- and solar-powered data centers could create a new model for data center and renewable energy operations. The total investment in this project is close to $675,000. You can read more on the NYSERDA project here.

You can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by carpooling, arranging a bus trip, or checking our Border Report page to save yourself from idling your car.

Remember, in most cases you can skip about 20 cars in line by stopping at the Duty Free Canada store before you cross the border!


Do Better
at the Border.

Today’s Duty Free allowances are better than ever, but most people don’t know how you can take your savings even further when you shop at the border - even when you buy more than your allowance!

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