National News | Mar 29

Increased Duty Free Allowance Means Easier Shopping and More Savings for Border Shoppers

The Canadian duty free industry, led by the Frontier Duty Free Association, applauds and is excited to support today’s Government decision to bring Canada’s duty free allowance levels in harmony with those of the United States.

The previous allowance system was confusing for Canadians, and the industry as a whole appreciates the Government of Canada’s continued support in improving the experience of shopping and crossing between Canada and the United States. This harmonizing of the levels in our allowance system will result in increased economic growth for Canada and drive further cross border traffic and lower wait times.

The updated duty free customs allowances for travelers will, as of June 1st, 2012, be $200.00 for trips over 24 hours and $800.00 after 48 hours. This change makes it even easier for Canadians to shop at one of the many border duty free stores on the way into the US and to take advantage of these allowances on the way home. We are excited by the fact that these increased allowances will allow Canadians to save even more at the border.

The previous two-tiered allowance system had created confusion amongst the traveling public, which was certainly a factor in traffic congestion at our borders. As the FDFA Executive Director, Laurie Karson noted, “today, our industry is grateful for our government’s decision to harmonize the allowance system which is an important win for our borders in order to ease the current traffic congestion”.

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