Minor League sport has its charm

Minor league sport has historically been a source of intense, dedicated fans.  This might be due to the fact that payrolls in these leagues are far less than the “big leagues.”  Sometimes, they are even non-existent.

Often, teams are more creative with their team-names and logos.  Owners aren’t afraid to settle into a niche and be more personal with their team.  A great lyric says, “Some may sell their soul to have mass appeal.”

Indeed.  In the minor leagues, the venues are more intimate, the accessibility to players is better, and they have an authentic hometown feel.  They’re often the benchmark in fan participation and community pride. From standing beside a member of the hometown team during the national anthem, to cheering on Mr. Mustard in the crazy condiment race, or finding yourself on the field for a dizzy bat contest, this intimate connection and high level of interaction is why fans love it. (Kudos to Triple-A-Baseball for holding those races.)

The Little League World Series, for example, just wrapped up in Williamsport, PA, where California State dramatically upset Japan in a game delayed three hours by the lasting effects of Hurricane Irene. Watching 12-year-olds act with class, deal with pressure, and play with intensity while competing for an international title is something else.

The Canadian Hockey League begins its preseason this week.  The 59 team junior hockey league, where the majority of NHL draft picks come from, competes every year for the Memorial Cup, said to be the hardest trophy to win in sport.

The American Hockey League is an organization that has teams owned by NHL teams where rookies and veterans alike compete to make it to the NHL.

These leagues all share Triple A Baseball‘s theme of “Great Cities.  Great Fans.  Great Value.”  Accommodations and ticket prices cost far less than they do in major cities.  Marketwatch.com published this article on their top 10 minor-league sports markets.  However, we encourage you to share your favourites on our Facebook Page.

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