Mount Snow opens its ski season in Dover, Vermont

The temperatures have finally dropped below freezing at Mount Snow.

“It’s been frustrating, that’s for certain,” said David Meeker, director of communications, of the weather conditions.   “There were a lot of nights this past month that were forecasted for good snow-making conditions but they weren’t ever cold enough” he said in the Battleboro Reformer.

Typically, mountains near the Appalachian Trail open either just before or after the American Thanksgiving holiday.  The recent warm spell in and around Dover, however, have made it difficult to make snow without it melting.

Large areas of the east coast were damaged by Tropical Storm Irene in August.  The storm has put extra pressure on the region’s resorts to help maintain the local economy, Meeker told The Reformer, but his resort would not open with a poor product.

On Wednesday, a cold front covered the valley, dumping snow and keeping the temperatures cold enough for the crew at Mount Snow to start making snow, he said.

Thousands of skiers and snowboarders eager for their first run of the season showed up at the opening of Mount Snow’s Blue Bird Express on Saturday.

Even with the setback of not being able to open when they wanted, the staff at Mount Snow is positive this will be one of their best years ever.

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