Norsk Høstfest – North America’s Largest Scandinavian Festival!

Celebrating its 34th year, the festival starts the evening of Tuesday, September 27th and continues through to Saturday, October 1st.

Tens of thousands of people attend the event annually to celebrate and partake in Scandinavian culture and entertainment. Over 200 internationally recognized artisans, craftsmen and chefs participate. The experience is an eclectic array of contemporary and traditional themes. The cuisine as well as the clothes, art and jewelry are authentic, fine quality and exquisitely Nordic.

The Nordic history and heritage is alive from the Clog Shop and the Import Shop to the Sølje Shop and the General Store. Unique and fascinating shops abound in the International Marketplace. Buy silver jewelry, Norwegian sweaters, authentic Scandinavian gifts, fine art and souvenirs.

The cuisine cannot be matched — And you won’t find such a wide variety of authentic Scandinavian food anywhere else in North America. People come to Norsk Høstfest just for the superb fare! Choose from four sidewalk cafés, The Scandinavian Kitchen, Swedish Bakery, En To Tre Fine Dining, and many more. Indulge in such culinary favorites as Danish Aebelskivers, lefse, Oof-Da Tacos, rice pudding, Swedish meatballs and Viking-on-a-stick.

Feel the warmth of the Scandinavian hospitality at Norsk Høstfest as you meet and make new friends. There is a tradition here of introducing yourself with, “Hi, and where are you from?” And you’ll hear it often. If you participate and ask the right person, that person being the “Mystery Viking,” you’ll win $100! A surprise and potential new friend is around every corner. Dance with a troll or play “Knock The Fleas Off The Black Plague Rat!” Camaraderie — This is what Norsk Høstfest is all about.

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