Blog | Aug 18

Long weekends were made for road tripping

There’s something awesome about jumping in the car and heading somewhere you’ve never been before. Maybe you saw a diner on television and decide to go try their menu. Maybe you want to drive to a city like New York, Chicago or Seattle. Maybe you just want to hit the open road and see where it takes you, stopping to sight-see, eat or stay whenever the mood strikes.

A weekend road trip can be a great way to have an adventure with friends or family that doesn’t have to cost a lot. For one thing, you can shop at duty free stores before you cross into the USA. And here are a few other ways to save:

  • Skip the fast food joints. You can find bigger meals for less at locally owned cafes a little off the beaten path.
  • Pick up snacks at the grocery store, not the more expensive convenience store. Or bring them from home.
  • Camp or stay in a hostel to save on accommodations. Better still, stay with friends for free.

Whether you decide to road trip on a budget or spend a little more, be sure to start planning your trip soon – summer long weekends are the perfect time of year to pack up the car and drive.


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