National News | Oct 07

Would they let you cross the border like this?

This is probably the most intense group of road trippers around.

Booting around the country with metal music blaring probably isn’t the best way to preserve your hearing.  But for metal music listeners that’s probably the least concern.

This video depicts a group of youths cruising through Moscow on a modified motorcycle complete with drumkit, amps, and a guitar player (looks like there’s room for two!).

We agree with Mashable:

We have almost literally no context for why they did this to their motorcycle or even why they decided to start playing an impromptu concert in the middle of a highway. Will this video make you a better person? Probably not. Is this video safe and/or advisable? Definitely not. Does the guitarist’s smug headbang mid-video sum up why it’s worth it? Absolutely.


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