Blog | Jun 05

The road less travelled – there’s a lot to love!

Spend any time on social media pages and you’ll certainly come across dozens of inspirational phrases, inspiring us to live life better. One of our favourites is “Life’s a Journey, not a destination”.

Experienced travellers will tell you that the trip to and from a destination can offer unending possibilities to surprise and delight, waiting around every corner on the road less travelled. After all, who wants to spend hours staring at an endless strip of blacktop! Here’s a pro-tip: when travelling in the States, check your map. In most cases, the “main highways” all have smaller feeder highways, often 2 lanes wide, that were the original thoroughfares before the Interstate came through. Visit some of the small towns along the way. Have lunch in a local eatery. Get a real feel for the people and culture that make the places you’ll see unique and special. Many GPS apps let you set the route to “scenic”. Check yours and see!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t say that our Canadian Duty Free border store locations are ready with snacks and coffee, rest facilities and great shopping to break up the drive. We’re here and happy to serve you. We are ready to help you Do Better At The Border.


Do Better
at the Border.

Today’s Duty Free allowances are better than ever, but most people don’t know how you can take your savings even further when you shop at the border - even when you buy more than your allowance!

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