The Ultimate Round Trip – United States segment

Two South Africans have gone on an extended vacation around the world to take in and share their experience in an online blog. This follows the trend of staying connected with friends and family by way of the internet during long-distance journeys.

Tristan had just finished studies in Town Planning at university. Likewise, Dominique finished postsecondary studies and wanted more. Tristan said, “I feel like there’s so much more fun stuff to do rather than sitting behind a desk all day. So that’s where this trip, and subsequently this blog, come into the frame.”

To say this is a small undertaking would be a gross understatement. “I’m absolutely petrified about traveling around the world,” he said.

However, Tristan says he feels a “true sense of excitement and adventure” and that he will try his best to keep the stories (and photos) coming.

Their most recent updates are updating the Southern US portion of their travels. When you visit their site, you can browse through their tour of Daytona, Orlando, New Orleans, Austin, San Diego and more.

Their trip has amassed

    156 days travelling

    66 271 kilometres travelled

    14 flights

    14 bus trips

    4 4X4 trips

    11 train rides

    5 ferry rides

    3 self-driven car rides

    1 self-driven RV road trip

    40 places visited

    12 countries visited

Visit their website at for many great pictures and videos describing their travels mapped out below! And you can follow them on Twitter @theURTblog
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