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A+ Tips for a Smooth Transition Back into the Class Room

The first day of school marks a new beginning and a chance to do better than you did last year. Your first class is an opportunity to make new friends or reacquaint yourself with old ones. It seems the whole world gets excited for back to school time and you’ll be sure to make the best of it!

Or maybe you’re among the hundreds of other students who really don’t want to go back to school just yet. It’s hard to adjust to a schedule when you’ve had 2 months of summer vacation. But there is a way to make the transition back to school a little easier. If you love this time of year or not, everyone can use a little help packing up their school bag once again.

Get Organized

By this time, hopefully, you’ve checked your school schedule a few times and know you’re signed up for the right classes. Print your school schedule and figure out where you need to be on the first day of class. Plan to be there 15 minutes early just to settle in and settle your back to school jitters. Knowing where you need to be and what to expect before your day starts can help make the it more enjoyable (or at least a little less intimidating).

Write Some Lists

You’ll need to keep a list of things you need for each class. Also it’s helpful to write a list of all upcoming assignments, tests and projects so you can give yourself a head start and foresee any time management challenges you might encounter. You’ll be one step ahead of the game if you can see the whole puzzle!

Set Some Goals

Your teacher will tell you what you need to do to pass the class. It’s smart to tell yourself what you need to do to pass the class too and plan for your future. Don’t just to the basics! This year you can do a little more, push a little harder and get the marks you need to succeed past the classroom. Tell yourself you’ll get a A+ and sure enough, you just might make it happen!

Pack the Essentials

If you’re packing up for school, especially if you’re moving on campus with friends, you’ll quickly realize balancing laundry, dinner, studying and (maybe) working a part time job can be stressful! You’re on your own and it’s not always easy – but trust yourself and make sure you pack the essentials! Again, make a list, and make sure you purchase cleaning and personal grooming products. If you’re crossing the boarder, Canada Duty Free sells a variety of cosmetics, bags, snacks, and stationary. Also we’ve got currency exchange and photo and fax service for any last minute needs!

Our last tip is to remember to have fun and do your best! And if you’re planning a trip for some relaxation over the weekends, don’t forget to stop into Duty Free Canada to pick up anything you may need!


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