Touring the Apostle Islands

Wisconsin’s Bayfield Peninsula and the nearby Apostle Islands were once part of the same land mass, but over time they were carved away by retreating glaciers.  Much of the land underneath the islands and on the peninsula consists of sandstone.  On the northeast shore, the coastal landfall has been eroded as well, resulting in the creation of sea caves.

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is a national park consisting of 21 islands, a sandspit and 12 miles of coastline, and is a 720-square-mile area in the midst of Lake Superior. For kayakers, it is as near to heaven as one can get because of the lush islands and most of all because of the caves.  You can view real-time wave information of the Mainland Sea Caves, but the weather forecast should be taken into account for safety reasons.

A wonderful experience, to be sure.  Why not plan a day trip (or multiple trips) to the beautiful caves of these islands?

You can catch the ferry over to Madeline Island or take a boat tour of the historic lighthouses on the other Apostle Islands.  Or you can hike in sunny berry fields and apple orchards to pick your own sweets.  Another option is to just hunker down with a good book, a Duty Free drink, and take in the wide vistas of the Big Lake.


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